Lean Six Sigma Accredited Training Providers in USA

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma approaches are a highly successful tool to improve processes within many types of business. Lean Six Sigma factors focus on areas such as variation, quality, defects, and speed and process flows.

Our team at AMSaxum Inc. are experts in Lean Six Sigma applications. We specialize in many different areas to offer premium quality services to our customer base.

Lean for Various Industries

As you can read about on our website, we provide services to various industries including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, agriculture, and many more. We use skills from Lean Six Sigma like predictive techniques and simulation functions, allowing you to see improvements right away.

The ISO Certification Assistance Process

As Lean Six Sigma approaches rise in popularity, many companies are looking to specialize in this field.

The best way for a company to meet changing standards in their industry is by working with ISO 9000 and 14000. When considering these types of measures, organizations can provide a Quality Management System(QMS), as well as the Environmental Management System (EMS).

What is a Quality Management System?

A Quality Management System follows the ISO 9000 series of standards and monitors the various levels of quality control and assurance to meet customer specifications. This designation also ensures a company has the right plan in place immediately, as a means to avoid costly restructuring or waste.

What is the Environmental Management System?

The Environmental Management System is the ISO 14000 series of standards that encompasses the non-regulatory standard and takes environmental regulations into account. It’s the base for beyond compliance incentives in any industry.

How will the AMSaxum ISO Service program benefit your business?

AmSaxum’s ISO Service program was created as a way to meet a Quality Management System and the Environmental Management System within many types of industries.

Obtaining ISO certification or hiring a consultant with this certification can assist your organization in many ways. This certification will lead an organization to offer products that meet customer demand, keep up with current standards, provide competitive pricing, and determine the best price point so a business will profit.

The central aspect of our ISO Service program is the “transfer of technology.” This part of the training process causes businesses to create their QMS & EMS in-house, which is more sustainable and gives a company more ownership.

The ISO Service program provides the following:

  • A wide range of training courses
  • Direct assistance with a company’s staff in the QMS and EMS phases
  • Assistance with Compliance Audit
  • Internal Quality Audits Supervision
  • Gap Analysis

If ISO training or consulting is the right choice for your business, we would be happy to speak to you about it. Give the AMSaxum Inc. team a call at 1-905-315-6847 or fill out the Contact form on our website, and we will get back to you.

We are passionate about Lean Six Sigma and ISO certification processes and are excited at the prospect of working with your organization.

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