Lean Six Sigma Consulting & Certification for Chemical Engineering in USA

The chemicals industry is complex, as several factors need to be considered. This industry has sub-sectors that include commodity chemicals and specialty chemicals. Commodity chemicals are used to create more complex products such as plastics and rubber (in raw form), or fibreglass and synthetic fibres. Specialty chemicals, on the other hand, are used for finished chemicals like dyes, plastics, and coatings for makers of colourings, flavours, fertilizers, pesticides, and more.

Because this industry is so complex, it can benefit greatly by using Lean Six Sigma strategies. By implementing Lean Six Sigma, we can ensure your company delivers high-quality services to its customers, as well as products. When using Lean Six Sigma across your organization, you can expect to see improvements in streamline procedures, as well as higher quality production.

Government Training Grants Within the Chemicals Sector

In addition to the tangible financial benefits possible through lean, there are applicable government grant options to aid with the upfront costs of corporate training that is typically required during the implementation of Lean Six Sigma / Continuous Improvement methodologies. These Government grants available in the USA vary from state to state. Please contact us to find out the opportunities in your area

How do Lean Six Sigma techniques work for the chemical industry?

Did you know that Lean Six Sigma techniques are especially useful in the chemical industry for the fertilizer industry, in particular? One of the Lean Six Sigma methods, Design of Experiments, was first used in the agriculture industry. Now, this method is used in more statistical approaches, like designing experiments in manufacturing, sales and marketing, and customer service.

The Fertilization Industry and Lean Six Sigma

One of the leading principles in Lean Six Sigma is that you need to identify the critical controllable input factors; following that, it’s imperative to find the ideal combination for the most desirable output. During the past few decades, fertilizer consumption has increased drastically in many countries, which is why farmers and governments keep amplifying their farming production efforts to feed the population and increase exports. Hence, it’s essential to expand output quickly without sacrificing the quality of the product.

Many companies in this industry are turning to Lean Six Sigma solutions, like the ones we offer at AMSaxum Inc. Using tools from this strategy helps improve the quality and quantity of fertilizer crops, as well as the constant demand to meet for food consumption. Since health is so important to people, the condition cannot be sacrificed, which is why Lean Six Sigma Solutions are an ideal choice for many organizations in the fertilizer and chemical industries.

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