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The agriculture industry, also known as the farming industry, is a field that cultivates animals, plants, and other forms of life to provide fuel for human sustenance. Lean Six Sigma methodologies work well for this industry because one of their main goals is to provide top quality products, as well as reduce or eliminate defects in the production stage. That way, the agriculture industry can ensure customer satisfaction.

Lean Six Sigma in agriculture also formulates concepts behind the implementation of agriculture activities. It organizes operations so that they can improve the product quality, as well as provide optimal logistics, the right pricing point, and a reduction in waste. This system is necessary for the modern agricultural industry because there is such a demand for high-quality food production.

Lean Six Sigma approaches also help the hydroponic, agricultural farming, and feed formulations, in particular. These operations ensure the success of the farming industry.

Government Training Grants Within the Agribusiness Sector

In addition to the tangible financial benefits possible through lean, there are applicable government grant options to aid with the upfront costs of corporate training that is typically required during the implementation of Lean Six Sigma / Continuous Improvement methodologies. These Government grants available in the USA vary from state to state. Please contact us to find out the opportunities in your area


Hydroponic farms are a type of farm that is built indoors or in a greenhouse. They are quite successful for commercial operations and create enough revenue to cover overhead expenses, as well as provide good wages to farmworkers. At AMSaxum Inc., we implement Lean Six Sigma approaches for hydroponic farms to ensure that they are running optimally, limiting waste, and meeting their potential for generating profits.

Agricultural Farming

Agricultural farming can be a challenging field since it is continuously changing in regards to equipment, technology, and agricultural research. Since agriculture industry professionals need to produce healthy food that meets strict regulations, farmers need to be up-to-date with legislation that affects products and labourers continually. Since the team at AMSaxum has extensive experience in working with companies in the agricultural industries, we know how to create effective strategies that will help agricultural farmers face ongoing issues.

Feed Formulations

Feed formulations are the sector of agriculture where animal feed is produced from raw agricultural products. That means that this part of the industry needs to meet specific animal nutrition requirements for various species of animals throughout their life stages.

Since this is such a complex aspect of the agricultural business, you’ll want to work with a company that has a thorough understanding of feed formulation. At AMSaxum Inc., we have extensive experience working with clients in the agricultural industry, and we meet the demands of their business. We use our expertise that spans across this industry to develop solutions that deliver top quality results. We have built a network of agribusiness experts that we work with exclusively to address the challenges in the agriculture business.

Hire a Company with Experience

If you work in agriculture, then you know that the agribusiness industry is always changing and becoming higher in demand. At AMSaxum Inc., we know what it takes for these companies to be successful and competitive, which is why we implement Lean Six Sigma methods. We understand that agriculture businesses will need to access alternative fuel sources, as well as come up with more environmentally friendly techniques for production. We work with companies in all aspects of the agribusiness to produce sustainable results and navigate potential issues.

If you are an agribusiness interested in working with us, give us a call today at 1-905-315-6847 or fill out the Contact form on our website. We are excited to work with your company in the agriculture industry at any stage of development.

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