Please note: Government funding is only available for businesses operating in Canada.

Since developing employee skills is so valuable to businesses, the Government of Ontario recognizes this. That’s why they offer training grants, such as the Canada-Ontario Job Grant. Because of these grants, the government can assist businesses to enhance the skills of current and future employees.

If you’re a small business in Ontario, you may even be eligible to receive up to 83% of costs for training. As this is such a significant amount, companies can greatly benefit from it.

When it comes to individual applications, the funds could be unlimited. This funding will minimize third-party training, tuition, exam fees, and course materials.

SR&ED Tax Credits

SR&ED tax incentives are also obtainable. To qualify for this type of incentive, you must be pursuing your research in Canada, whether it be basic, applied, or experimental development.

Other Government Funding and Loans

To receive business and training funding in Ontario from the Canada-Ontario Job Grant, you must have the requirements to be eligible. Businesses like non-profits, First Nations band councils, and for-profits, are all able to play for these grants. If you’re worried about restrictions due to your organization’s revenue or number employees, you are still eligible as long as you have the following:

  • A licensed business for operating in Ontario
  • The ability to apply for third-party training programs in Ontario
  • Follow the Occupational Health and Safety Act, as well as the Employment Standards Act
  • Have workplace safety and insurance, or private security for the workplace
  • Provide maintenance for third-party liability insurance coverage

If you are engaging in in-house training activities, these may not be eligible for the grant.

For the application process, submit a package that includes the overview of your business, plans for training, and vendor quotes. You must also provide the names of training participants and how this training will benefit them in the workplace. Then, after about 2-4 weeks, you will know if you’ve been approved or not.

By Purpose

Hiring employees can be an excellent contribution to your business. When you add individuals to your team, the company can expect an improvement in profitability and agility. The purpose of what your business aims to do will impact your eligibility for certain grants and loans in Canada from the government. Some Canadian government grants and loans for small businesses in Ontario by the purpose of funding include:

  • Equipment purchase or upgrade
  • Research, development & commercialization
  • Developing export sales & marketing
  • Software (digital) solution implementation
  • Hiring, skills development & training of employees

By Industry

In any industry, expert professionals will be able to take your company to new heights. The type of industry that your business is in can affect your eligibility for certain grants and loans from the government in Canada. Some industries eligible for government funding in Ontario include:

  • All Manufacturing Industries
  • Technology Start-Up
  • Agriculture and Food Processing
  • Clean Technologies
  • Health and Medical Technologies
  • Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers
  • Automotive Manufacturers

By Province

Another criterion that may have to be reached for funding is the province your business is in. Depending on what province you operate out of will impact your eligibility for certain grants or loans you can get from the government of Canada.

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