Lean Six Sigma & DMAIC Implementation Consulting in Latin America

Lean Six Sigma is a broad approach with a history of improvement projects and initiatives within organizations. When you decide to choose Lean Six Sigma as the method for operating your company, you will have better insight into your competition, how to reduce costs, and increase customer demand.

How can a company implement the Lean Six Sigma approaches?

If you start the process of using Lean Six Sigma for your company, you can implement it in different stages. Since every company has unique goals and initiatives, Lean Six Sigma tailors a plan specific to your needs.

Focusing on the customer is an integral component of your business strategy. The ideal approach is to listen to what your customer wants and how you can meet their expectations.

If you’re unsure how to achieve this, the team at AMSaxum Inc. provides you with the tools to become an agent of change and a valued process improvement leader. These types of skills will launch your company to the next level.

We have proven experience assisting clients in various industries and at all stages of development. These have included healthcare, government, technology, retail, manufacturing, and more. We make the extra effort to understand our clients and their needs so they can become future leaders within our certification programs.

What levels are there for Lean Six Sigma?

Our Lean Six Sigma programs provide training in all the Belt stages (White, Yellow, Green, and Black) in a classroom setting. We include specialty programs for employees, such as managers, project managers, and supply chain managers. We also offer our trainees various workshops, which can range on topics like Environmental Impact Mapping to Capital Projects.

How can you enhance ambition for better results?

With our expert knowledge, we have discovered that process improvement can benefit an organization through three levels of ambition: Change, Improve, and Repair.

What is Change?

Change is the highest level of ambition and includes operational excellence. This can be achieved through Lean Six Sigma strategies, such as process improvement.

What is Improve?

Improve is the ambition level that features selective improvement in a company. In this stage, the optimization of the department occurs, as well as core processes provided by Lean Six Sigma. The departments directly initiate this level of ambition without the involvement of senior management.

What is Repair?

Repair is the third level of ambition and uses Lean Six Sigma to enhance processes. Expert consultants, like the ones at AMSaxum Inc., are hired to train staff and help them develop the skills to improve business processes.

To discover which level will work for your business varies depending on your current resources and individual requirements. Each level to implement will depend on the business itself and is customized to that specific organization. Lean Six Sigma methodologies will help you find the right approach so your company can achieve its goals.

If you are interested in Lean Six Sigma certification, get in touch with one of our experts at AMSaxum Inc. today. You can reach us at 1-905-315-6847 or fill out the Contact form on our website. When you speak with us, we can answer your questions about the Lean Six Sigma Deployment Strategy, Continuous Improvement, Courses, Process Design, or anything relevant to you or your company.

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