Lean Six Sigma Information Technology Consultants in Latin America


As the world of technology progresses, innovation is vital. That’s why technology and IT companies always want to find methods to enhance software development and product quality. Since this industry is fast-paced, it can feel challenging to keep up. That’s why the team at AMSaxum Inc. works closely with businesses in the technology field to anticipate challenges, create innovative business models, and keep up with changes. AMSaxum Inc. also implements Lean Six Sigma strategies for technology industries that help with improving business performance and creating better customer satisfaction.

Improving Productivity and Innovation

Here are some ways we help promote innovation and productivity in the software development, telecommunications, and hardware sectors.

Software Development

Software companies are always looking for opportunities that will help them keep up with the competition. Today’s leaders in software development know how to scale their organization and understand their complex market properly.

It’s essential for software companies to come up with a foolproof financial plan, and to understand the potential of specific technologies. The right business operational strategy will lead to better performance and ensure the success of your company.


Telecom companies face challenges like losing profits and being unable to connect with customers. Our team at AMSaxum Inc. knows this industry well because of our years of experience working with technological companies. We can help you engage better with customers, create a path to growth, and enhance your leadership processes.


When it comes to hardware companies, we know how to launch your company to success. We have worked directly with individuals and companies in IT services, storage, as well as components sectors. Our client-base is some of today’s leaders in software manufacturing, and we have played a critical role in assisting with their accomplishments.

At AMSaxum Inc., we enjoy working with clients in all stages of their business. We offer Lean Six Sigma methods that help with implementing effective strategies, reducing costs, and increase positive customer service experience. If you are interested in speaking with us about what we can offer your company, give us a call today 1-905-315-6847 or fill out the Contact form on our website.

We look forward to helping you stay competitive in such a dynamic industry.

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