Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Manufacturing Consultants in Canada

At AMSaxum Inc., we have the capability of working with real estate engagements, as well as the experience. That means that we know how to work together with property owners and managers, REITs, developers, and management service providers to facilitate various issues that come up with management.

Government Funding Options Within the Other Manufacturing Sector

In addition to the tangible financial benefits possible through lean, much of the research and development efforts (labour, materials, and subcontracts) required in the Other Manufacturing sector could be eligible to be recovered through government funding, such as through the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) program in Canada.

There are applicable government grants to aid with the upfront costs of corporate training that is typically required during the implementation of Lean Six Sigma / Continuous Improvement methodologies. There are also other grants specifically designed to cover costs associated with process improvement implementation, exports, sales, and marketing. AMSaxum experts in government funding help with the application of these grants and with the preparation of SR&ED claims. For more information on continuous improvement and government funding call AMSaxum at 905-315-6847 or contact us here.

Why Choose AMSaxum Inc. for Your Real Estate Venture

Our expertise spans across different worldwide locations, which provides us with a wide perspective. We also know how real estate works when it comes to not only development and management but with investments as well. We use principles from the Lean Six Sigma approach, which is one of the best strategies for providing excellent customer service, tailored financial plans, as well as cost-saving options.

What services do we offer?

We bring our wealth of knowledge to the real estate industry. When you choose AMSaxum Inc., you will be working with a team of experts who will steer your real estate business in the right direction. Here are the specific ways we help our real estate clients and services we provide in management disciplines:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Cost transformation tools and how to sustain them
  • Financial management for cash and capital
  • Organizational methods for design and planning
  • Developing a merger strategy, integrating plans, and providing due diligence
  • Top customer service experience and loyalty to our clients

If you’d like to know how we work with companies in other manufacturing, such as real estate, get in touch with us today. Our friendly customer service team will answer any questions you might have and will provide you with the necessary information. Contact us by filling out our Contact page or by calling 1-905-315-6847.

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