Lean Six Sigma Automobile Industry Consultants in Canada

The practices we offer at AMSaxum Inc. are highly beneficial for the automotive industry. Currently, the automotive industry is expanding into exciting pursuits such as vehicle connectivity, autonomous driving, powertrain electrification, and more.

Our team works directly with vehicle manufacturers, as well as suppliers, retailers, tech companies, and mobility service providers, to implement solutions and strategies that will elevate a business’s potential. We work with you through each step of the process, so you will know that each aspect of your business plan is taken care of for the future. We also take the time to find every opportunity possible that will add benefit to your organization.

Government Funding Options Within the Automotive Sector

In addition to the tangible financial benefits possible through lean, much of the research and development efforts (labour, materials, and subcontracts) required in the Automotive sector could be eligible to be recovered through government funding, such as through the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) program in Canada.

There are applicable government grants to aid with the upfront costs of corporate training that is typically required during the implementation of Lean Six Sigma / Continuous Improvement methodologies. There are also other grants specifically designed to cover costs associated with process improvement implementation, exports, sales, and marketing. AMSaxum experts in government funding help with the application of these grants and with the preparation of SR&ED claims. For more information on continuous improvement and government funding call AMSaxum at 905-315-6847 or contact us here.

How We Shape the Automotive Industry

At AMSaxum Inc., we know all too well that sometimes business doesn’t go as planned. If you’re at an uncertain point in your business, we can help. We are experts in providing support to management teams who need to make crucial decisions for strategy during difficult times. If you’re unsure how to proceed, we’ll take the reins. We will advise you on how to allocate resources to new business opportunities, as well as increase value generation, make safe moves, and put you in a position that will help you plan better than your competitors.

We also use technology to acquire customer insights and analytics, enhance business portfolios, and reduce product complexities. If your services and products become too complicated, we know how to transform them so they’ll be more effective and appealing to a customer base.

Does Lean Six Sigma Work for the automotive industry?

As we know, good businesses know how to manage their costs effectively. That’s why we take out unnecessary costs in your business so that you can be a top competitor. We use methodologies from the Lean Six Sigma systems to do so and to create new opportunities to enhance revenue. By utilizing the latest technologies, we can increase profit margins, as well as reduce revenue leakage.

Now that digital is taking over the business landscape, we use this to our advantage by creating new revenue and profit streams and minimizing any unnecessary costs. At AMSaxum Inc., we’re all about organization, which is why we implement an organizational design strategy. That way, we can create an organizational structure that will track profits and business growth.

Staying connected in the world of digitalization is essential for the automotive industry. With advances like vehicles being connected online and having functions that are digitally powered, it’s necessary to take new service offerings to appeal to customers. Mobility services are also an essential focus in the automotive industry and will need to meet the demands of the consumer.

Focusing on customers is crucial to any business. We put our customers and their business’s needs at the top and provide customer-oriented solutions in everything that we do. As companies go through changes, we ensure that the proper internal measures are in place. We implement a process that makes sure your goals are effective and measurable.

Even though implementing changes can take time, it’s essential to start the process today so you can make crucial strategic decisions and the investments you need in the present. That way, your profits will begin to increase, and you can grow your business.

At AMSaxum Inc., we’re here to take care of the needs of our clients in the automotive industry. Get in touch with us today at 1-905-315-6847 or fill out the Contact form on our website. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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