Lean Six Sigma Course Training in Europe

When undergoing training in Lean Six Sigma, or enlisting the help of a consultant, the On-Site Training certification will create a distinctive company culture and improve processes. Our team at AMSaxum Inc. can work with your organization to enhance your business plan. We have professionals with Master Black Belts and certified in Project Management, and they will give your business a competitive edge.

What is Lean Six Sigma Training?

If you are looking to enhance your business model, you can undergo in-house training for all levels of Lean Six Sigma from a professional executive. These include Black Belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belt, White Belt, Change Management, Executive and Champion, and Charge Acceleration.

What is “Train the Trainer” training?

You can also undergo the Train the Trainer training to save costs in your business and create a more organized process. This training gives your business the necessary tools and hacks from expert leaders in the industry to provide effective internal training. This program functions best in medium to large companies and is a long-term solution to enhance your operational strategy.

We offer Lean Six Sigma training at AMSaxum Inc. to invest our time with your company at the essential stages and provide mentoring so that you can hone your skills.

What are the Belts in Lean Six Sigma?

For Lean Six Sigma, when you are designated a Yellow belt, you’ll qualify as being aware of Lean Six Sigma methodologies. This awareness can direct you to support process improvements within your organization.

The Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belts are a more intensive designation that allows professionals to lead organized Continuous Improvement capabilities. The Lean Six Sigma training provides certification at different levels: Lean Practitioners, Green Belts, and Black Belts.

What are the Champion and the Sponsor roles?

When undergoing a Lean Six Sigma initiative, proper senior management is crucial. If an individual is undergoing high-level management training, then they will be certified for the Champion and the Sponsor roles.

The Champion is in charge of the success of a project, and their support is necessary. For the Sponsor, they need to ensure that Lean Six Sigma strategies will improve processes. The Sponsors must lead Green Belts and Black Belts to complete their projects and see them through. It is also up to the Sponsor to decide if the goals have been met and are sufficient.

At AMSaxum Inc., our team has high-level designations for Lean Six Sigma initiatives and will guide you through the certification process. We offer various programs and workshops, as well as our exceptional training programs. No matter what stage of Lean Six Sigma certification you want to achieve, we can help you every step of the way.

With Lean Six Sigma approaches, there are various levels to navigate. If you are interested in obtaining certification in Lean Six Sigma approaches and aren’t sure where to begin, give us a call today at 1-905-315-6847 or fill out the Contact form on our website. We pride ourselves in our world-class Lean Six Sigma certification programs and want to lead your company and team to success.

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