Lean Six Sigma Training & Consulting for Government Services in Europe

While many people associate Lean Six Sigma implementations with the manufacturing industry, did you know that is a proven method within government services? Several government identities have used the principles from this useful system to achieve results.

How does Lean Six Sigma benefit government agencies?

With Lean Six Sigma, government agencies have discovered that they can streamline their process, which in turn reduces costs. Governments that have used these processes have already saved a significant amount of time and money, while also increasing productivity. Another benefit of the Lean Six Sigma system is that it reduces waste, inefficiencies, and causes achievements of higher quality. As a result, local, state, and federal agencies can expect to see massive improvements and even achieve results that have benefited corporations.

The main concepts and strategies of Lean Six Sigma work for a variety of industries, government practices included. For many government agencies, overly complex processes that aren’t as effective have created many challenges. Lean Six Sigma takes away these difficulties, making it a powerful tool in this sector. However, to fully utilize the principles of this system, you’ll want to work with an expert team, like the one at AMSaxum Inc. Lean Six Sigma is a specialized approach, and our team has the experience to navigate you through it.

Train from the Experts

Government agencies not only benefit from consultations, like from our experts at AMSaxum Inc., but they also find value from our training services. Because Lean Six Sigma approaches can be applied in governments, if you are an individual who has undergone certification, then you’ll have a better chance at landing a government job, which benefits both the employee and government. If you are already employed in a government agency, some agencies even offer support to these employees who want to undergo Lean Six Sigma training and certification. We provide this training to anyone who is looking to get certified.

Our program’s courses cover essential topics in Lean Six Sigma approaches and set students up to earn Green Belt, Lean Sensei, and Lean Black Belt certifications. Through our certification process, you can gain valuable insights from our Lean Six Sigma experts, and develop the skills to implement Lean Six Sigma initiatives into a government agency.

At AMSaxum Inc., we want to provide our knowledge to government agencies so that they have the tools to run their organizations more effectively. Whether you are looking for consultation services for Lean Six Sigma methodologies, or want to undergo the training for yourself or your staff, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a variety of options that would work best for your schedule or goals. To find out more about our consultation offerings and our Lean Six Sigma certification program, speak to one of our representatives by calling 1-905-315-6847 or fill out the Contact form on our website.

We look forward to finding the right Lean Six Sigma solution for your organization!

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