Lean Six Sigma Consulting Services for Tool & Die in Europe

An excellent tool and die team is an essential component of a manufacturing system. The skill and efficiency of a tool and die team ensures that design, engineering, scheduling, delivery, and production goes as planned for any project. These projects can include custom machinery, air, and hydraulic presses, as well as jigs and fixtures. If your team uses items of low quality during their project, then it will have poor durability, meaning the entire project is likely to fail. As a result, your costs will add up in the manufacturing process, and this will hurt your company’s performance.

Challenges that Tool and Die Systems Face

Some of the most frequent challenges that tool and die businesses can come across are:

  • Challenging designs with geometrical features that improve aesthetics, but are very difficult to manufacture
  • New materials of increased hardness that frequently cause fractures after forming

According to recent studies, 70% of tool and dies struggle because the quality of heat treatment isn’t high enough. When the hardness of the products lack consistency and bending and distortions result after heat treatment, your operation will not run as intended. At AMSaxum Inc., we can help address even the most complicated of issues in an efficient manner by implementing Lean Six Sigma techniques into your business.

Using Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing and Production

One way in which we enhance your tool and dies practices is by implementing the trusted Lean Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing or Lean Production methods. This system reduces waste in production without getting in the way of productivity.

Our philosophy, when it comes to lean manufacturing, is to consider factors like customer value, which is why we reduce waste and activities with no value. We stand by the Lean Six Sigma System because of its customer-focused improvement methods, as well as the ability to minimize defects in product design, prototypes, the production phase, and administration. Lean Six Sigma also finds ways to improve the quality of a product and reduces variations.

LSS is so effective that it can increase your organization’s profitability through quick improvement rates in product quality and cost, as well as speed. When you choose AMSaxum Inc. and the Lean Six Sigma method, you will notice significant improvements in each area of the tool and die process.

Choosing AMSaxum Inc.

At AMSaxum Inc., we know how challenging the tool and die industry can be in terms of manufacturing. We know that our realm of expertise can be directly beneficial to your business, and we are passionate about helping you succeed in such a complex field. Our team of experts have been quite successful at implementing leadership strategies for various organizations and are confident we can help your business meet its financial goals. If you are looking for ways to generate more profits, create more business efficiency, and lower costs, you’ll want to speak with one of our friendly team members today. Give us a call today at 1-905-315-6847 or fill out the Contact form on our website.

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