Lean Six Sigma Hydroponics Consultants in Europe


Hydroponic farms are a type of farm that is built indoors or in a greenhouse. They are quite successful for commercial operations and create enough revenue to cover overhead expenses, as well as provide good wages to farmworkers. At AMSaxum Inc., we implement Lean Six Sigma approaches for hydroponic farms to ensure that they are running optimally, limiting waste, and meeting their potential for generating profits.

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If you work in agriculture, then you know that the agribusiness industry is always changing and becoming higher in demand. At AMSaxum Inc., we know what it takes for these companies to be successful and competitive, which is why we implement Lean Six Sigma methods. We understand that agriculture businesses will need to access alternative fuel sources, as well as come up with more environmentally friendly techniques for production. We work with companies in all aspects of the agribusiness to produce sustainable results and navigate potential issues.

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